Tilebrick replicates a tile-hung wall elevation without any of the hassle involved in traditional tile hanging. Tilebrick is also more robust than vertical tiling and is virtually maintenance free.

By using clever profiled edges and a tile-shaped front face, the extruded clay units look just like tile hanging when mortared together.

Egan Friendly

Just one trade can fix it; tilers, plumbers and joiners are not required as there are no tiles, battens, nails, felt or lead flashings and dressings.

By taking time, cost and wastage out of the supply process, it is Egan-friendly which will appeal to modern construction companies and their clients.



  • Fast Build - existing brick layers
  • No extra trades - tllers, joiners, plumbers
  • Saves on-site time management - no extra material and labour schedule
  • Scaffold rental/waiting time reduced
  • No call backs - broken/damaged tiles
  • Costs less than clay tile hanging
  • Long term saving - reduced maintenance/repairs
  • No initial build cost penalty
  • 60 year Ibstock warranty
  • Egan friendly
  • Quick & easy to lay
  • Conventional bricklaying techniques and setting out
  • No exposed joints to point


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